The development of tissue products is progressing fast. The research on bone, tissues and other type of allografts is extensive and more opportunities arise with new technologies. For tissue banks it is important to be involved in these activities and ensure their knowledge and network is kept up to date and improved to maintain this. Noviotissue’s experience here is in the field of regenerative medicine, research and clinical testing. Noviotissue has access to experts in the use of transplants and research groups which actively investigate the regeneration and outcome of surgeries. New technologies, such as electrospinning, and techniques, such as coating, can be used in combination with human tissues and cells. Noviotissue is a knowledge and networking company and can assist in performing the following type of projects:

  1. Surgeon fit: The first step in the development of the tissue portfolio is to ensure the input from surgeons is part of the development. Focus groups are relevant to get feedback and ensure that the output is matching the request. Noviotissue actively consults surgeons and has a structured approach on how to collect information which is necessary in the development pathway.
  1. Development: Noviotissue has experience in developing tissue based products. With expertise on the use of biopolymers, we are able to develop customized tissue products suitable for various types of surgery. Noviotissue has access to various sterilization techniques and can do from design to manufacturing of the tissue product or assist in setting up the processing. Examples are new carriers for DBM Putty or bone graft based fleeces for dental surgery.
  1. Manufacturing: Noviotissue has access to clean rooms to do manufacturing. Our partners have also processing capabilities and in-house technologies which are interesting to outsource the processing of tissues or part of the process.
  1. Cooperation: With its extensive partner network, Noviotissue is able to initiate new partnerships for development projects and tissue distribution opportunities. We can introduce tissue products which can be part of a portfolio or look for distribution opportunities to support surgeons in other countries.