Tissue processing and other processes which are part of the handling of the tissue product are precise and accurate processes. Noviotissue has the expertise of processing methods with the goal (i) to improve processing to make them more efficient and safer and (ii) to set up processing for new tissue products. Noviotissue can assist in performing the following projects:

  1. Chemical processing improvement: With its team of chemists and experience in biologics, Noviotissue is capable of improving various steps in the tissue processing. By advising on process parameters and alternative options we are able to support tissue banks.
  1. Skin processing equipment: Noviotissue cooperates with experts in the field of tissue banks who have developed innovative solutions for skin processing. Exsurco Medical has developed the Amalgatome SK to remove adipose tissues which can be done in minutes with minimal risk to damage the tissue and for the technician. With the cooperation with Biocut Systems they are constantly developing new innovations to help tissue banks honoring the gift of life.
  1. Bone processing equipment: With our partner Biocut Systems new equipment is developed to offer tissue banks simple and effective solutions to create the tissue product which is required. Our cooperation makes it possible to develop new systems to mill bone, automate demineralization processes and other opportunities.
  1. Soft tissue equipment: Also for soft tissue we are able with our partner Biocut Systems, to offer various solutions to increase the efficiency of your process. For example amniotic tissue can be cut in various sizes with specially developed dies.