Tissue recovery optimization has the goal to retrieve donor tissue with the highest ethical standards in mind. We support tissue banks, governments, hospitals and other medical institutions by providing them solutions and programs to find new ways to increase donor awareness and procurement and by ensuring the donor’s wishes and ethical standards are met. Noviotissue can assist in performing the following projects:

  1. Donor awareness programs: Noviotissue can assist by setting up donor awareness programs to inform people about the process and give correct information so people are better informed and aware of donor programs and the importance of this.
  1. Donor retrieval: We have experience with setting up new donor programs which comply with national legislation. Noviotissue can improve current donor programs and set up new programs by setting up partnerships with other tissue banks and cooperating with hospitals.
  1. Skin Recovery equipment: Noviotissue cooperates with Exurco Medical, an expert in the field of skin recovery who developed the Amalgatome® MD. Designed with tissue banks in mind, the unique rotary design with edge retention technology allows you to maneuver over body contours and hard-to-reach areas that are challenging for standard methods. Easy to use, ergonomic, better depth control, this equipment allows tissue banks to increase their efficiency, uniformity and consequently their skin recovery yield significantly compare to usual dermatome. This means more tissue of better quality recovered and available for transplant.